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23 Nov 2023

Photovoltaic glass substrates used for solar cells generally include ultra-thin glass, surface-coated glass, low-iron content (ultra-white) glass and other types.

28 Aug 2023

Lightning will cause a lot of harm to photovoltaic power plants. For example, solar modules are extremely vulnerable to direct lightning strikes and cause the entire system to be paralyzed. 

10 Aug 2023

In the hot summer, the photovoltaic power station on the roof is just like people, it also needs to be ventilated and cooled to prevent "heat stroke". So, in summer, how can we help photovoltaic power plants to cool down scientifically?

20 Jul 2023

Silicon wafers are divided into P-type silicon wafers and N-type silicon wafers. We know that silicon is a 4-valent element with 4 electrons around it. If we combine a pentavalent element such as phosphorus with pure silicon in some form (such as heating), such "silicon" will more easily escape some electrons and exhibit negative electrical characteristics. So it is called N-type silicon (Negative, negatively charged).

13 Jul 2023

Solar panels are divided into P-type and N-type.  Currently, P-type photovoltaic panels are more mainstream in the market, but there is a gradual shift towards N-type panels because they offer higher power and conversion efficiency. 

8 July 2023

The biggest advantage of the 2382mm*1134mm size is that the utilization rate of the container space has reached 98.5%, and it is also the module size with the highest container utilization rate at present. 

Technical for building solar power station

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