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Hipot tester       RO-HNY02

The tester is an equipment for measuring withstand voltage, and it intuitively actually quickly and reliably tests a variety of electrical safety performance indicators, such as breakdown voltage, leakage current etc. 

Main Technical Specification

Voltage measuring range: AC≥6000V

Leakage measuring range: AC (0.1~2/20) mA  grade2±5%

Leakage current alarm reset range: AC (0.1~2/20) mA grade2 5%(Continuously setting)

Time test range:  (1~99)s, 5% Continuously setting, manual test ∝

Transformer Capacity: 500VA

Output waveform: 50Hz, Sine wave

Working condition: environment temperature 0~40℃

Relative humidity: ≤75%

Atmospheric pressure: 101.25kPa

Charge: AC 240V   (50±2.5)Hz

Machine features

Test voltage, leakage current test and time are all-digital displayed. And rupturing current can be randomly and continuously set up depending on different safety standards and customers’ requirements that enriches its function.

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