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Second trimming machine        Model: RO-XBT07

This unit is mainly applied to remove and clean the remains of excessive glue of the modules after laminated; it works self-acting cutting through program setting which can smoothly remove module' s redundant remains. 

Main Technical Specification

Tact: 20s 

Applicable Module Size:  L(1630-2650nm1)×W(950-1450mm) 

Physical Dimension:  3250×2000×1480mm 

Maintenance Time:  Maintenance/7 Days, complete maintenance/30 Days 

Blade Replacing Time:  10/mins 

Blade Service Period:  15000/times

Blade material:  tungsten steel 

Machine features

1, Adopt multiple-knife structure, total 8 knives, simultaneously working at four edge sides to improve production efficiency. 

2, If module size changed, only simple adjustment needed to satisfy the production process of various size panels. 

3, Apply cylinder for block positioning to make the module be precisely positioned. 

4, Precisely cut and remove the redundant EVA/TPT, to ensure the accuracy of framing. 

5, Set waste guide plates around four edges, convenient to clean up.

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