Full automatic & Semi automatic laminating machines

All laminating sizes, Custom-made

Framing machine       Model: RO-ZK008

A fully automatic framing machine, integrating the functions of frame loading, gluing, frame catching, framing and conveying; it greatly improves the production efficiency by accomplishing the technological process of module's gluing and framing. 

Main Technical Specification

Tact :20s 

Applicable Module Size:L (1630-2650mm) X W(950-1450mm)

Physical Dimension :6500X 3650X 2650mm 

Frame height misalignment :< 0.3mm 

Manipulator repeated positioning accuracy:士0.5mm

Size difference to opposite frame:士0.5mm

Frame gap :< 0.3mm

Machine features

1, Catching frames simultaneously at four sides to save time 

2, High precision framing, reliable and high production efficiency 

3, Adopt GRACO glue filling system, gluing evenly and reliably

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