All machines for manufacturing solar panel

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Full automatic laminator

Semi automatic laminator

 Laboratory laminator

Sun Simulator

EL tester

Solar cell tester

Tabbing and string machine

Laying up robot

Framing machine

Laser cutting machine

Bus bar cutting macine

Gluing machine

EVA foil cutting machine


Turnning inspector

Laminating vacuum pump

Glass loading machine

Adhesive tape machine

Bussing machine

Glass covering machine

Insuating patch placing machine

EL & VI tester

Edge banding machine

Tape tearing machine

First trimming machine

Second trimming machine

Framer gel distributor

Framing machine

Line scanning machine

Bus bar standing & JB gluing machine

JB fixing machine

JB soldering machine

JB glue potting machine

Cure line Loading and unloading 

Curing line

Filing machine

JB closing machine

Testing kit charging machine

IV tester

Hipot tester

Testing kit discharge machine

Labelling machine

Corner protector wrapping machine

Graduation machine

Packing line

12, Other Machines

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