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JB glue potting machine       Model: RO-JXHGJ02

It is used to glue the junction box.

Main Technical Specification

Working power: Single phase 220V±10% 50HZ

Working air pressure: > 0.5 Mpa 

Average air consumption: >4L/min

Overall Dimension: 2080x1161x2118mm

Use environment: indoor normal ambient temperature: 10 ℃ - 30 ℃

Humidity: less than 85%RH

Stainless steel storage barrel: 30L*2 main agent barrels, with stirring, 15L*1 curing agent barrel, with viewing mirror.

Storage tank liquid level detection: low liquid level electrostatic capacity induction

Feeding method of storage tank: manual feeding on the side of the lid

Storage tank degassing method: electric stirring defoaming combined with vacuum degassing

Metering device: metering pump metering system

Proportional glue accuracy: proportional accuracy ±2%, glue accuracy ±3%

Ratio adjustment range: mixing quantitative ratio is 10:1-4:1

Glue output: greater than 5CC

Control mode: PLC plus man-machine interface

Maximum number of loops: unlimited

The maximum moving distance of the glue gun: 3.5 meters

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