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Edge banding machine          Model: RO-FBJ02

The stability of each function of edge banding machine is strong. The equipment debugging time is short and the operation is simple, the time of replacing the tape is short, and the refueling plate can be changed within 15 seconds. High edge sealing efficiency, less than 22 seconds. After edge sealing, the tape has a tight appearance without folds, and there is no bubble fold phenomenon after lamination.

Main Technical Specification

Cycle time:20s 

Module size:Long 1800mm-2650mm; wide 900-1450mm 

Reject ratio:Hidden crack/ fragment rate of qualified components tested by edge banding machine total ≤ 0.01%; Glass damage: ≤ 0.01% 

Attachment accuracy:The error from the edge of tape on the front and back of the same assembly to the edge of glass ≤±2mm, The tape size error is not included 

Appearance of tape:No obvious folds and wavy patterns shall appear in the appearance of tape after edge sealing edge. The appearance is bad such as damage, and the length of fold is long ≤ l00mm; 

Tape start reservation:It has the function of tape start reservation, which is convenient for personnel to tear off the tape after lamination. Long at the end ≥ 30mm 

Glass dislocation:Dislocation of upper and lower glass after automatic edge sealing ≤0.5mm, On the basis of stack glass error, it does not increase (The tolerance of glass itself is excluded)

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