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Adhesive tape machine              Model: RO-JD02

The automatic adhesive tape between the cell strings is realized. When the number of adhesive tapes is pasted, the speed fast, replacing the manual labor greatly and improves the working efficiency, and the adhesive position is accurately, without causing secondary damage to the cell. 

Main technical specification

Tact :20s (The points of adhesive tape are different, and the cycle time is different) 

Tape Types :L≥15mm-25mm W ≥ 5mm Applicable 3V-1 standard hardness tape 

Driving Mode :Synchronous belt 

Control mode :PLC + HMl + Servo control 

Manipulator repeated positioning  accuracy:土0.2mm

Adhesive accuracy:士1.5mm

Overall Dimensions :L(1630-2650mm) X W(950-1450mm) 

Machine features

1, The overall structure consists of a glass alignment, a taping system, a vacuum system, and etc 

2, The servo motor drive drives the tape mechanism, high speed and high precision

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