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Testing kit discharge machine      RO-ZGX02

This equipment can realize the robot automatic unloading tools, guide the accurate unloading of the manipulator by the visual positioning system.

Main Technical Specification

Working power: AC380V 50HZ 3phase 5 line

Power: 10KW 

Working air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa 

Success rate of unplugging: >99%

Tact: 16-20s

Applicable module type: L(1630-2650mm) x W(950-1450mm)

Success rate of tooling picking: >99%

Success rate o in return line: >99%

Lead wire length: 300mm~800mm

Camera Shutter mode: Electronic shutter

Camera type: area array / Line scan, HD camera

Camera accuracy: 0.2mm 

Light source type: Strip light / surface light

Weight: 1000KG 

Machine features

1, Test module Power-on testing tools applicable 60/66/72/78, conventional/half cut cell/single and double glass modules;

2, When the incoming modules in place, the camera take photos and positioning, the positive and negative leads will be removed, the power-on tooling will removed from the frame, and the whole tooling will transferred to the return line. Then the dismantling is completed.

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