Full automatic & Semi automatic laminating machines

All laminating sizes, Custom-made

Cure line Loading and unloading        Model: RO-GHSX02

Stack the modules on the curing line after positioning and aligning. Place the modules onto the production line automatically after curing. 

Main Technical Specification

Working power: AC380V 50HZ 3phase 5 line

Power: 4 KW 

Working air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa 

Average air consumption: ≥107L/min

Tact: 16-20s

Max capacity: >2800 pics/ day

Applicable Module Size: L(1650-2650mm)× W(950-1450mm) 

Overall Dimension: 3200x2650x4000mm

Total Weight: 1060kg

Operating Mode: Manual/ Automatic

Machine features

1, The machine uses pinion and rack transmission mechanism driven by servo motor, with advantages such as precise positioning and stable running. 

2, The machine is equipped with power-off and air-off protection. 

3, The fixture of the module frame is safe, reliable and leave no scratch. 

4, The machine is full-automatic requiring no human interference.

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