Full automatic & Semi automatic laminating machines

All laminating sizes, Custom-made

Insuating patch placing machine           Model: RO-XL02

Small paper placement station, roll material is automatically cut online, vision guides the robot to automatically place, and visually determines whether there is small paper.

Labeling station. Read the barcode information through the barcode reader or MES, print and automatically attach the inner barcode.

Main Technical Specification

Main power supply: 220VAC, 5OHz

Rated power: 5kW

Frame dimensions: 3500*1950*2000mm

Air pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa

Weight: 1800kg

Noise: <60dbA

Online operators: 0 people

Machine features

1, Stable and fast operation;

2, Steel structure welding frame is adopted, which has high strength and saves 2-3 manpower;

3,Good safety protection;

4, Fully automatic control.

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