Full automatic & Semi automatic laminating machines

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Glass loading machine                Model: RO-BL02

Glass moving robot arm will move the glass to the transmission line and the paper picking robot arm remove the paper at the same time.

Main technical specification

Glass Picking Height:max 470mm; min 150mm 

Tray Height :150mm 

Driving Mode :Servo driving 

Glass Thickness :320mm/130 pics 

Tact :20s 

Applicable Module Size :L (1630-2650mm) X W(950-1450) 

Overall Dimensions :4600mm X 3400mm X 3000mm

Machine features

1.Machine consists of glass handler and interleaf handler.

2.Machine consists of 2 positions for glass and 1 position for interleaf.

3.PU material for suction cup to ensure mark-free.

4.Single corner tilting design to break vacuum suction during glass pick up.

5.Air& electricity failure protection.

6.with dust removing function.

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