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JB closing machine        Model:  RO-GGJ02

Realize automatic installation of solar module junction box cover, improve installation efficiency and quality.

Main Technical Specification

Overall Dimension: 4200 × 2350 × 1900mm

Applicable Panel Size: L(1630-2650mm) ×W(950-1450mm)

Junction box type:Applicable for various JB box

Colloidal curing test: Detection of colloid solidification and bad colloid

Self-checking function:  Fast test

Production line height: 950士50mm

Working voltage: 220V 50Hz 8KW

Working air pressure: 0 6~0.8 Mpa

Average Air Consumption: 500L/min

YILED: ≥99%

Tact :16-20s

Machine features

1,The equipment adopts European standard 40*80 aluminum profile or the same strength welded steel frame production, the overall stability, no vibration in operation.

2, Manipulator grasp, visual positioning, can achieve accurate capping action.

3, Vibration plate inputting, can achieve a variety of inputting methods, mixing identification and removal functions.

4,Test function: box cover effect; Automatic identification and alarm of defective products.

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