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Bussing machine            Model: RO-DHX01

Automatically complete the interconnection soldering process of the PV module bus bar including the arrangement of the junction box end and the non-junction box end, the cutting & bending of busbar and the soldering of ribbon and busbar.

Main Technical Specification

Cell Types: Half cell and Multigrid

Cycle Time: ≤18s

Soldering Method: Electromagnetic induction soldering

The component version : The 182/10BB is standard.

Applicable Module Size: 1650*900-2500*1500mm

Breakage Rate: < 0.2‰(according to cells quantity)

Compatible solar cell size (mm): Compatible with 156-210mm

Number of compatible grid lines: Compatible with 5-20 grid

Belt quantity:4 Pcs

Feeding way:Long edge feeding of modules

Maximum deviation allowed for module inflow:Glass center deviation<30mm

Compatible bus bar width:Factory accessories 4mm、5mm、6mm、8mm

Compatible bus bar thickness:0.18mm-0.4mm

Cutting accuracy:≤0.5mm

Leading Wire Angle and Deviation: 90°, deviation 2°-3°

After Soldering Tension: ≥ 5N/mm

Product Yield: ≥99%

Overall Dimensions: 5220mmX2570mmX2450mm

Working Power: AC380V 50/60HZ 3-phase 5-line

Power: Peak 40KW, average about 20KW

Working Air Pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Average Air Consumption: 2000 L/min

Machine features

1, German technical support, heat transfer is contactless and is not affected by contamination. 

2, The soldering head is made of ceramic material, which greatly improves the service life and greatly reduces maintenance time. 

3, Flux added automatically, more convenient, more effective

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