100-300 MW Solar Panel Production Line

Apply to manufacture smaller solar panel , such as street light solar module, RV solar module , Flexibale solar module and others .

Module type :  Big size  Glass-Backsheet soalr module,

Max size of solar module: 2400 x 1300 mm

Solar cell:   M6 , M10, M12 Mono and Poly.

Busbar: 5 BB -  20 BB

Production speed:   2000  pcs solar panel ( 2000 x 1000mm)  per 24 hours . 

Daily working hours  : 24 hours

Yearlty working days:   300 days

Facillity condition:

Producetion space:   ˃200 sqm

Operators per shift: ˃  30 persons

Power supply requirement: 380 ~ 440V , 3 Phase 5 wires. or customized

Power consume:   Max 300KW

Air supply requirement: Copressed air  0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa .  300 L / min

Water:   Do not need .

Configuration of equipment

Solar cell tester

Ensure that the power of cells on a solar panel is the same, and exclude solar cells with abnormal power

Solar cell cutting machine

The solar cell is cut into small pieces so that the output voltage of the solar moudle meets the design requirements.

Tabbing and string machine

The positive and negative poles of the solar cell are connected in series with the soldering ribbon, and arranged in a fixed manner according to the design.

Soldering ribbon cutter

Cutting the soldering ribbon and bus bar to the size of the design fits the needs of the solar cell string and laying up.

EVA /Backsheet cutting machine

EVA film and Back sheet are cut to the designed size, and holes can be punched at the designed size to facilitate the extraction of Bus bar.

Laying up machine

Use the manipulator to arrange the Tabbing cell stringer on the glass of EVA film according to the designed size .

EL tester

After Laying up, check the inside of the battery for flaws such as cracks and welding to prevent Laminating from being unable to correct them.

Laminating machine

After laying up, all the materials enter the Laminator, and under the condition of high temperature and vacuum, the Solar cell is solidified between the backplane and the glass or panel film by EVA, so as to improve the service life of the solar cell. 

Triming station

Cut EVA and backhseet that spill out of the glass edges due to laminating, leaving the sides smooth.

Framer gluing machine

Silicon gel is evenly coated in the grooves of the aluminum framer to act as a seal and waterproof .

Framing machine

The four aluminum alloy frames are pressed on the glass to make the solar panel sealed and waterproof, and also to strengthen the rigidity of the solar panel .

Intelligent soldering station

Fast heating soldering bus bar to Junction box

Solar module tester

Test the maximum power of solar panel and other parameters

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