Full automatic & Semi automatic laminating machines

All laminating sizes, Custom-made

Line scanning machine       Model: RO-XS01

It is used tomeasure the following types of defects: stains, scratches, chipping, missing corners, fragments, soldering strip offset, bus bar position offset, safety distance, chip spacing, string spacing, foreign objects, etc., which have clear and fixed characteristics on the picture. , glass scratches, missing ribbon, air bubbles

Main Technical Specification

Detection period (s): ≤16s

Test range (mm): Module type: Compatible with conventional modules, double glass modules, film modules, half-cell modules; Module version: full piece 5*10, 6*10, 6*12, 6*13; half piece 5*20, 6*20, 6*24, 6*26; Compatible cell size: 156-230 (mm) 5BB 6BB 9BB MBB; Max width:1500mm; Max length:3000mm.

Feeding method: short-side feeding, assembly line normalization

Test method: shooting with a single camera on the front and back, no collage required

Software: automatic identification of component barcodes, MES docking, query functions

AI: version switching: one key switching

Defect identification function: the appearance has automatic identification and judgment functions

Docking method: one-to-many centralized control

Missed inspection≤0.1% (missed inspection/total number of inspections)

Misjudgment≤5% (Passed inspection/Total number of inspections)

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