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Corner protector wrapping machine      RO-HJB02

Paper protector inserts automatically and then folds along the creases.

Main Technical Specification

Tact: 16-20s 

Working power: AC380V, 3phase 5 line, 50/60 HZ

Rated Power: 7.5KW 

Working air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa ≥800L/min

Alignment Method: four sides alignment

Frame height: 30~45mm

Protect corner material: tri-wall corrugated paper 

Corner protector thickness: 1±0.2mm

Protector storage number: ≤500pcs 

Change paper protector time: ≤180s 

Operation Mode: Manual + Auto, HMI: Chinese / EngIish mode

Applicable Module Size: Length1630-2650mm×Width980-1450mm

Overall Dimensions: 4100*2200*2200mm

Total Weight: 2800kg

Machine features

1, The overall structure is composed of glass normalizing conveying unit, Angle protection system, vacuum system, etc. 

2, Servo feed, automatic switch, ensure the components can be in and out with the same, save the working rhythm. 

3, Automatically protect the corner of the component, then fold along the crease.

4, Touch screen interface, switch component specifications, manual operation, alarm information and other parameter Settings.

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