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Framer gel distributor       Model: RO-DJJ08

It is used to inject silicon gel for sealing solar panel framer

Main Technical Specification

X-axis travel: 2200mm, Repeated frame accuracy of X-axis: ±0.05 mm

The intake air pressure must be guaranteed to be above 6KG

The following air pressures are recommended:

5 kg≤ Valve pressure ≤6 kg

3 kg≤ Z-direction cylinder pressure≤ 4 kg

3 kg ≤ cylinder pressure≤4 kg

2 kg≤ Clamping cylinder pressure≤ 3 kg

3 kg≤ pump pressure≤ 6 kg

3 kg≤ pump platen pressure≤ 7 kg

Dimension : 3500x580x610

Weight: 134 Kg

Machine features

1, The machine body is composed of X-axis motion module, servo system, linkage mechanism, working platform and other parts.

2, Adopt German Siemens smart series PLC and touch LCD screen

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