Full automatic & Semi automatic laminating machines

All laminating sizes, Custom-made

Filing machine        Model: RO-MBJ02

The fully automatic filing machine is mainly used for polishing the four corners of the modules after framing. 

Main Technical Specification

Working power: AC380V 50HZ 3phase 5 line

Power: 2.2 KW 

Working air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa 

Average air consumption: ≥45L/min

Precision: ±0.2mm

Driving mode: DC motor

Applicable Module Size: L(1630-2650mm)× W(950-1450mm) 

Frame height 35-50mm 

Overall Dimension: 3700x2000x1050mm

Tact: 16-20s

Total Weight: 550kgs 

Manipulator repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm 

Operating Mode: Manual/ Automatic

Machine features

1, Abrasive belt structure is wear-resistant, the sand belt is easy to replace 

2, Four edges of modules reformed to ensure location accurate 

3, Equipped with powder box to prevent dust pollution and equipment short circuit

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