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JB soldering machine       Model: RO-JXHH02

The Junction Box Soldering Machine is an automatic soldering equipment for solar module. The equipment is designed with multi-functional soldering head, with the function of loading tin while soldering 

Suitable for 5BB-12BB full-cell , half-cell, double glass modules, single junction box and triad junction box (can be extended to custom specifications);Size: maximum size: 2650mm*1450mm, minimum size: 1644mm*985mm, frame thickness 20-45mm. 

Main Technical Specification

Soldering manner:Hotbar tinning shaping soldering/ high frequency 

Solder spot positioning accuracy:vision positioning, accuracy (士0.5mm)

After-soldering test function:Including height measurement and visual detection, with automatic identification and alarm of defective products, defective products with automatic repair welding function 

Add function of tin:Automatic tin, tin amount can be set, accuracy士0.1mm; Fast refueling< 1min; Compatible tin volume weight 1-3kg; Tin wire diameter 0.5-2mm; Lack of material alarm, tin abnormal alarm, alarm value can be set.

Cleaning soldering head: Automatic timing/volume cleaning+ cycle cleaning 

Soldering head life:35000 time 

Pressure adjustment:The pressure of soldering head and bus-bar pressing mechanism is adjustable 



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